Map Metrics for OSM are now available

Telenav’s OSM team just released a portal where you can view different metrics on OSM.

Unlike other metrics views that are already available, this new tool for the OSM community is focused especially on navigation attributes like length of navigable roads, number of turn restrictions, signposts and many more, in total 22 of such metrics are available. You can check it out at

About the data

Metrics are computed weekly and should be available on the portal at the end of each week. Metrics are generated for the whole world using as input the planet pbf downloaded from the official mirrors made available by OSM community

Metrics are available starting with 8th February 2016. In the top left corner, you can choose to see them by week, by month or by quarter. We also have a nice feature for all OSM enthusiasts! For each metric in the left menu you have a small info button where you see exactly what the metric means: complete description and the rules we applied when computing them, which tags where used, if we counted ways, nodes or relations etc.

How do we do it?

The platform was built using Apache Spark. Using big data technologies enabled us to have metrics for the whole world: on countries, states, counties and a few metropolitan areas (metros are available only in North America for now). In order to use Apache Spark, we had to convert pbf to parquet first, so we achieved this using a parquetizer that is open source and can be found here.  After we have the parquets, using Spark’s DataFrame API we managed to have these metrics available in just a couple of hours.

We have also made the latest parquet files available for general use here.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find details in the About section.

Happy mapping!


6 thoughts on “Map Metrics for OSM are now available”

  1. Thank you for the web service, one question: in Brazil this site shows there’s around 4.5 million km roads, but yours site show around 2 million.

  2. Depends on how you summed up the statistics from your link. From what can I see there there are mixed statistics including restrictions, oneway’s, named roads, and also unclassified, primary, residential etc. I am sure that if you sum up just the ones that we consider navigable roads you will get a similar number(should be lower actually since we have more highway types). If you whant to see what navigable roads means for us in OSM terms, if you click the (?) button you will see full description. Navigable roads = motorway/ motorway_link/ trunk /trunk_link/ primary/ primary_link/ secondary/ secondary_link/ tertiary/ tertiary_link/ residential/ residential_link/ unclassified/ service/ track/ road/ private/ living_street/ undefined/ unknown

  3. Links still dead, for some. Apparently there is something wrong with the security certificates. Hence why it seems to work for others. But I believe some people on twitter give you more details.

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