Announcing the Second OpenStreetCam Australia and New Zealand Competition

The Telenav OSM team is excited to announce a new OpenStreetCam imagery collection competition for Australia and New Zealand! This second edition will kick-off on the 15th of March and will last until the 15th of April. Buckle up!

How to compete

  • Download the free / open source OpenStreetCam app for Android or iOS.
  • Collect as many OpenStreetCam points as you can until April 15, 23:59 UTC+10. Every image uploaded gets you points, with more points awarded for roads that are being covered for the first time or that have been surveyed infrequently.
  • We will announce the winners on the 16th of April.
  • The top contributors will win a Waylens Horizon dashcam.
  • We will give out one dashcam per country to our top contributors.
  • The runners up will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.
  • You need to gather at least 250K points to be eligible to win the dash cam.
  • Points collected with Waylens dashcams are not eligible.
  • It costs nothing to compete.

About OpenStreetCam

For those who don’t know OpenStreetCam, it is a free and open platform that uploads street-level imagery captured by your smartphone and detects salient features from the uploaded images such as signs, lanes and road curvature to improve OpenStreetMap. The images are collected by mappers for mappers and can be used in iD or JOSM to improve OpenStreetMap.

We have a ‘Getting Started’ guide on our blog!


  • How will I know my rank in the leaderboards?

We will post weekly updates on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you check them once in while.

  • How can I earn more points?

Go to and check out where the magenta lines are missing. Those areas will guarantee the highest return. 

  • I’m getting errors trying to install the app, record or upload.

Send us an e-mail at and we’ll provide support and troubleshooting ASAP.

  • Does your app provide routing?


  • Can I use an OBD-II dongle?

You sure can, if you have one to spare. It’s going to enable the 2X multiplier per each kilometer collected.

  • Can I record with a dashcam?

Of course, you have our full support, as long as the data is under the form of geotagged JPEGs. You can upload the data collected via our script.

  • I signed up via OSM, how will you contact me?

Please send us a message on Facebook or drop an e-mail at