Find your MapRoulette Challenge

MapRoulette is a fun way to spend a few minutes (or hours…) improving OpenStreetMap. MapRoulette will present you with a random, easy to solve issue in OSM. MapRoulette is organized in ‘Challenges’, groups of tasks that are of the same nature. For example, there is a challenge to add missing crosswalks in various areas in Switzerland, based on analysis of aerial images.

How do you find a challenge you would like to work on? The MapRoulette home page provides a map of all the challenges, but this has some shortcomings. The challenge ‘centers’ are not always representative of where the tasks actually are located. It is also hard to search by topic. MapRoulette also has a search bar that you can use to find a challenge by keyword.

I want to work on making it much easier to find interesting MapRoulette challenges, and I would like to hear from you how you think that should work. Please add a comment below with your ideas!

In the meantime, I made a page that lists the most popular and newest challenges. It is a bit of a hack so let me know if it stops working 😉

Happy Mapping!


3 thoughts on “Find your MapRoulette Challenge”

  1. Here is one possibility:
    A list sorted by Fixed(+ maybe Already Fixed?) / (False Positive+Too hard to fix+Skipped)

    Input data:
    If the last month has more than 30 tasks marked fixed, skipped, etc
    use data from last month
    use lasts 30 tasks marked fixed, skipped, etc

    30 is kind of arbitrary
    Big enough so one contributor doesn’t influence it too much.
    But not too big so use data from last month if possible. To have fresh data and not stale because a contributor having skipped too much and not enough other contributors.

    On month is also kind of arbitrary

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