OpenStreetCam plug-in – Display OSMElement

A new feature has been added the OpenStreetCam plug-in that allows the visualization of the OSM Elements corresponding to the selected detection or cluster. OSM Elements are the basic components of OpenStreetMap’s conceptual data model of the physical world.

How to use the new feature

The first step is to select a detection or a cluster. If the selected item has OSM Elements, the Matched Data button from the details panel will be enabled.

Detection selected
Aggregated detection selected

By pressing the button, the corresponding OSM element will be drawn in the OpenStreetCam layer and it will persist until selection changes or the item is deselected.

There are three possible cases of display:

  • The element is of type Node:
Nodes are displayed using the JOSM node icon.
  • The element is of type Way:
Ways are displayed as a red line.
  • The element is of type Relation:
“From” element is displayed as a green line
“Via” element is displayed as a blue line
“To” element is displayed as a red line


Relations have a checkable option under preferences for tag display.

When this checkbox is selected, the tags associated with the OSM element members are displayed on the map.

Relation displayed with tags.